NW 6.5 SP2
We have one clustered volume in production now using NFAU, and it's working very well.
Just created a new one for test and cannot figure out what is wrong here.
Volume is exported -RW -ROOT
It mounts fine from the unix box (solaris 8 if it matters)
I can move around the file system, but cannot act on anything.. I seem to have only read permissions. When I log in as root I cannot execute chmod, chown or chgrp..
The mount point is /test Here is an example of me trying to change the owner of /test while logged in as root:

bash-2.03# chown -R username /test
chown: nsm: Not owner
chown: nfs: Not owner
chown: etc: Not owner
chown: voldata.tdf: Not owner
chown: ~dfsinfo.8-p: Not owner
chown: /test: Not owner

So here I am as SU and I cannot assign the mount to anyone. As root I cannot even make a new folder or file.

bash-2.03# cd test
bash-2.03# touch joe
touch: joe cannot create
bash-2.03# mkdir joe
mkdir: Failed to make directory "joe"; Permission denied
bash-2.03# whoami

From my windows workstations I am fine.. create, copy, delete, etc. Netware rights are fine. I don't remember going through this on the unix side before.. our other share is owned by a 'nix user (not root), this new one lists as being owned by root but root apparently has no rights beyond read.

Any ideas?