Hello everyone,

I'm running into an issue with trying to mount an NFS export on Mac OS X.
I have configured my Netware 6.5 SP2 server to export a volume, but
whenever I try to mount it from my clients, I get an error stating that I
have no permissions. The only user that I can mount the export as is root.

I currently have AFP set up on the server and it is running as well as the
current AFP implimentation on Netware can run... which is kinda poorly.
AFP performance is sub-par, and there are several crippling bugs in the
current implimentation involving case sensitivy, file locking, file name
lenght, etc etc. I would like to experiment with using NFS access instead
of AFP for my home folders.

Here is my export line as it is in the /etc/EXPORTS file:
/admin1_vol1 -nwmode -rw -root
My SEARCH_ROOT in /etc/nfs.cfg looks like this:

The user that I am trying to login as is located in
..OU=USERS.OU=TECH.O=HPS. According to my documentation, the SEARCH_ROOT
does subtree searches, so it shouldnt need the OU's bellow the one I
specify... in either case, i've tried pointing it right at
..OU=USERS.OU=TECH.O=HPS, and it makes no difference. The user does have a
valid unix profile. The user does not have "owner" rights to the root of
the volume that I am trying to mount, however it does have RWFSMA rights
which are being inherited from higher in the tree. My understanding is
that those rights are supposed to get mapped through the "NFAUWorld"
group... but that just doesnt seem to be happening.

I have run both "schinst -n -w" and "nisinst", to make sure that the proper
objects exist in the tree. Looking through their logs, no errors are
reported, only successes.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what may be going on, or what I am
doing wrong? I have this sneaking suspicion that I am missing something
REALLY obvious, but I just cant see it.

Thanks in advance,