We are getting ready to install the first NW 65 server into our live
production tree. I have been reluctant to move forward because of the
numerous issues that seem to be presebt with the AFP side of NFA. I want to
make sure to eliminate as many possible headaches with NFA via AFP before
our Mac users encounter them. I've been reading through TIDs and this
discussion group, but can't seem to get a definitive answer for some of
these questions. Some people seem to be running fine, but many others still
seem to be experiencing issues.

It is my understanding that the latest recommended versions and patches with
regards to NFA & AFP are:
Are there others?

Is this a stable setup with no abend, file corruption, and performance
issues? Or, is it still better (more stable) at this time to revert to AFP
2.x by using the AFPTCP.NLM from NW6SP4?

What is the status of NW65SP3? When is it expected to come out of beta and
be ready for prime time? Am I better off waiting until SP3 and is it
expected that this will provide a stable NFA for AFP?

What is the status of the case insensitivity issue/enhancement for the Mac
namespace (TID10093828)? We are running SASIxp and need the issue resolved
before we move forward with a full conversion to NW65. SP3 maybe?

In advance - thanks for the input and enlightenment.

Mark Leach
Network Admin
Charlottesville City Schools
Charlottesville, VA USA

Mark Leach
Network Administrator
Charlottesville City Schools