Since installing netware 6 sp5 we have a problem with ownership on our NFS
mounted directories. Files created by users under netware are owned by root
on the UNIX side meaning they can't be accessed by users, although files
created under UNIX appear with the correct owner under netware.

The UNIX user and group ids are set correctly in the netware UNIX profile
and the directories have the correct ownership on both sides. We use
Independent mode.

Prior to sp5 we had the opposite problem that files created under UNIX were
owned by admin under netware and this meant our disk quota system was a
bit meaningless. One of the reasons we applied sp5 was that I'd read on
this newsgroup it would fix this problem. However what we have now is even
worse as now our users no longer have access to their netware files from
linux / unix.

I can't see anything about this being a known problem on the newsgroups or
internet, can anyone suggest where I should be looking.

Lindsay Maxwell, Computer Systems Administrator
Department of Computer Science, University of York