We still have a Netware 5.1 sp7 in our lan which we use for file sharing
between Mac and Windows users. Using the Prosoft client v.1.2.3b1 (and have
also tested version b7) we get the following flakiness:
1. Files that are dropped in the shared folder by a Windows users will
sometime take anywhere from 5-20 mins for a Mac user to be able to see the
file in the folder. Another Windows user will have no problem seeing the
files immediately.
2. Renaming files sometimes causing the Mac workstation to hang.
3. When accessing the file server or sometime upon exiting the folder, the
Mac will crash with the brown screen that says "You must power down or
reboot the Mac" I guess this is the Mac equivalent of the Blue Screen of
Reading posts from admins working with Netware 6.5, it appears you are
having problems with that OS as well.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.