Random users trying to save an AppleWorks 6.2.9 document get an error
message, "The Disk is Full." I've searched through the support forum and
the Novell support site for the definitive answer but haven't found it.

The error occurs with Macs running 10.2.8 and 10.3.7. I can't save
locally and drag without getting the error in some form. I suspect
permission issues but don't know what steps to take or why it affects
random users. We usually just delete the user and add them back with a
slightly different user name.

Here are my specs taken from NWCONFIG or the modules command. Perhaps
someone can see a patch or something I'm missing.

Netware 5.1SP7,
Native File Access for Mac 1.0.4
Native File Access Pack Service Pack 4.0.0
eDirectory 85.0.2
Appletlk.nlm 5.11b
afptcp.nlm 1.02g
mac.nam 5.10

Thanks for your help.