Hi Brad,

Sorry didn't reply to this in original thread (xmas hols). I have found that
I only have the problem saving Word docs through NFAP / CIFS on NT SP4
systems running Word 97, not on XP SP1 pc's with Windows 2000.

But I'm not sure what to do about this. Can't really ask the users to all
request XP machines....

We're using NW65 SP2, CIFS.NLM is ver 3.22 11th June 2004. There seem to be
new patches for NSS which update the cifs files, but they're all currently
in beta. Are any of them likely to address this issue?

Steve Law

In article <J5Uxd.6978$Ei5.1407@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>, SLaw
> Word is MS-Word 97 SR-2

Any chance you can try this with a newer version of Word? I recently
ran into similar behavior using Word 97 after upgrading the Novell
client. Word 97 failed, but Word 2000 worked without any problems.

NSC Volunteer SysOp


Got some (but not all apparently) CIFS users on NT workstations that are
unable to save Word docs to their mapped cifs share. They get an error: "The
save failed due to out of memory or disk space" and two files are created in
the destination folder: a ~wrdxxxx.tmp file of the correct size, and a 0
bytes file with the correct name. Both are locked by the user and stay
locked until they log out.

Have tried disabling anti-virus on both the workstation and server running
NFAP but it makes no difference. If the user saves the file with Word as an
html or txt file it saves fine, and they can also save the file locally as a
..doc then paste it into the folder. But they can't save Word docs.

NFAP is running on a NW6.5 SP2 server with edir 8.7.3 and CIFS.NLM version
3.22 11th June 2004. Users have the correct rights to the destination
folder, including the erase right i.e. RWCEMF. Word is MS-Word 97 SR-2.

Any ideas?


Steve Law