Snap Appliance Configuration
ip address of appliance is
share name is /justice
Everyone has read and write access to justice.

Nfs export information:
root user: uid=0, ip address=, address mask =

Netware Server Configuration
Netware 6.5 Sp3 beta, nfs gateway sp1 beta
ip address
nfstart.ncf is in the autoexec.ncf
gystart is not in the autoexec.ncf
at the command prompt I type:

gymount court /justice

The results show that court is mounted with the dos and long namespaces. The Flags show NSS P

I am able to see the volume and map a drive. However, the contents of the mapped drive is empty.

I have no unix profile.

What am I missing? Should I export the nfs share to the workstation or the NFS Gateway server?