Does anyone know if engineering is going to fix CIFS so that it allows
mulitple users to submit multiple jobs from the same IP using a common

We ran into this problem when we published an application through Citrix
and authenticated users from the Citrix server (no Novell client) to the
Novell CIFS server with a mapped drive and common username. The mapped
drive is used to open database files that reside on the CIFS server.

The problem even occurs when we use UNC paths. We found that CIFS
sometimes uses the first username to authenticate subsequent
connections. In other words, five people access the same database
file with a UNC mapping when opening the application, but only the first
authenticated user is shown in the "file open/lock activity" option in

Our CIFS server is running NW65SP2.

As a workaround, we moved the files to the Citrix server, but would
prefer to move them back to the Novell server.