Hi, I'm trying to use CIFS on our new Netware 6.5 server. I can access it
from a Macintosh, using "cleartext" but I can not access it from a Windows
2000 machine. It will not accept my user name and password. The server has
a r/w replica on it. This is the error I get by doing a DSTRACE :-

"51: Create NMAS Session
51: RemoteCheckIfLocalUser checking danny.PSY.FIMS.GLA.
51: ERROR: -601 RemoteCheckIfLocalUser failed.
51: NCPCheckIfLocalUser failed -601
51: Client Session Destroy Request
51: Destroy NMAS Session
51: Aborted Session Destroyed (with MAF)"

I have changed my "simple password" in Console1. Is the dot at the end of
the second line an end of setence dot or is it part of the contect. This
is the entry in my ctxs.cfg file :-


Has enybody experienced the same problem.