Accessing an Access database (data page) from IIS 5.0 Server was working
but stopped sometime in the last few months. The database is on a
Traditional volume. I have found that if I copy the Access database on a
CIFS share and connect using the CIFS path, everything works. If I
connect to the same database, with the same user using the Netware path
I get "\\servername\volume\(snip) is not a valid path" when opening the
Access data page.

I would like to get Netware path access working otherwise I have to move
shared application or convert a Trad volume to NSS when I don't have a
spare disc.

And why did this stop working? Which upgrade/Service Pack did it?

Clients are 4.83 SP2 (could have been a client upgrade?)

If I am in the wrong forum please suggest alternative.