I have a dos dataperfect(DP)database running on a netware 6sp5 server
with win98 and XP clients running the program and accessing the data over
drives mapped to the netware volumes.
I have set up and have running NFSv2 on the netware server and have
mounted folders to the netware 6 server from a NLD9 linux box. I have
installed Dosemu & Freedos and can run dp locally and access data
locally, but when I try to run it on the netware server from the linux
box I get a "Disk read error -- DP.sys" and If i run dp locally and acces
the data over the mounted volumes I get a "Network busy" error that lasts

Question: How do I make sure that I have the same rights on the NFS mount
points on the linux box as I do on Mapped drives on the win98 boxes?
Also is there a better list and or how to set permissions in the fstab
file than what is in the man pages?

I have set permissions on all folders and mount points to "can read and