Many of our Macintosh workstations are being replaced by Windows workstations. The files on the Mac workstation are copied up to the server, but when you go to access the files from a windows workstation the files don't show up. I can understand not being able to manipulate the file if the file was written for a Mac specific application, but the file should still be visible especially cross-platform files such as MS Office docs.

I'm posing this is the NFA forum because we are using NFA to access the server(s). All server(s) are NW6.5 w/sp2. One of the two having this problem is using AFPTCP v1.02.07 in order to resolve other problems encountered with NFA, and the other is using the latest release of afptcp 2.02.01. I have heard some talk of N65NSS2b, but don't see anything in the TID that would apply to this specific situation. Although, issue #4 "Fixed 2 issues with locking and NFS file access." has me wondering. I'm willing to try it, but wanted to check here first to see if anyone else had come across this same problem.

-Ted T.