One of the two NW Clusters (Cluster 2 for clarity) we have was upgraded to
NetWare 6.5 this weekend. The other cluster (Cluster 1) had been upgraded
last November.

User's who's home directories are hosted on the recently upgraded cluster 2
do not get their afp home directories autmounted when logging into Mac OS X
- this worked fine before the upgrade and works fine for users on cluster 1.

The user's on cluster 2 CAN manually mount the AFP volume on which their
home directory resides. There is an anomaly which I will get to shortly.

I have verified that everything as far as LDAP attributes and Directory
Access (client-dise) settings are sound.

The issue appears to be AFP permission related.

When taking packet traces of two different users (one from cluster 1 the
other from cluster 2) mounting (auto or manually - doesn't matter) their
home directories, I show that once the client computer starts sending
FPGetFileDirParms requests for the folder where the home directory starts,
the responses from the two clusters differ. Cluster 1 responds with a list
of permissions. Cluster 2 responds with permission denied (-5000).

Here is the anomally I mentioned earlier. If the user from cluster 2
MANUALLY mounted the home directory, the VOLUME that hosts the home
directory successfully mounts and Finder opens a window showing the
contents of the PARENT FOLDER to the user's home directory. Normal behavior
(and indeed what happens when a cluster 1 user mounts) is for finder to
open the actuall home directory folder.

If the mount was initiated from the loginwindow process (autmount), the
client and server go back and forth for a few seconds with FPGetFileParms
requests and denials. After a few seconds, the process continues and logs
the user in - but the operating system does not see the home directory. And
here's another odd thing - if the cluster 2 user browses (on the client) to
/Servers/<ip of server>/<volume>... the volume that hosts the home
directory is actually mounted. The user can browse down to their home
directory and can read and write.

The key is the FPGetFileDirParms reply: permission denied (-5000) packet
when mounting the home directory.

If anyone has any advice - it is very much appreciated.

Thank you

David Summers
University of Idaho ITS
Student Computing Labs