I have user's home directory share to NFS mount. Users reported that
when they used "/bin/rm -rf <directory>", the file system reports there
still file exists so the directory cannot be deleted.

Repeating the problem
O.S: NW65sp2 or NW65sp3Beta2
share a directory with NFS
2 UNIX hosts mounts such direcotry

Host A: untar a file with few levels of direcotries and files
Host B: after Host A finish, use "/bin/rm -rf <direcotry>" to remove the
who directory just untared, you will get "File exists" in some
directory. If you repeat your "rm -rf" command, serveral times, you will
be able delete the directory eventually but this is annoying! It sounds
like caching problem.

Anyone has any idea how to solve this problem?