We are currently usign CIFS with some Windows 2003 in our production
environment (all the others are W2K) and we are coming across an unusual

The Environment

We currently have CIFS v1.6 (NFAP) installed on our NetWare 5.1 servers
using pass-through authentication to Windows 2003 and W2K ADS servers. All
the latest patches are applied. We are using XP/W2K desktops.

The Problem

Every now and then a user will fail on connecting to one of the NetWare
servers through CIFS and the user account in AD will be locked out by
Intruder lockout. The password is correct since the application has just
successfully logged in before the problem occurs. This problem will
gradually cascade until all NetWare servers are locking out the Domain
(ADS) user accounts. When you get this problem no user can access the
NetWare resources through CIFS since the ADS accout is locked. We reset
the account lock in ADS and this fixe the problem (a quick but
temporary fix). This problem reoccured now and then...I need a more
permanent fix.

Any idea?!?