We have Netware 6.0 and workstations running MS XP sp2. Our school has Dell
wireless notebooks for all of our staff. We were unable, despite repeated
attempts and fixes from Novell forum members, to get the Novell client to
function properly (the computer consistently locked up attempting to
authenticate to the Netware server). So we ended up using NFA. We have set
up each XP workstation as part of a workgroup, and they authenticate when
they attempt to read from the Netware file server. This works fine with no

But what we really need to do now is to use Microsoft Group Policies to push
reg updates across to the notebooks. Is it possible to set up a MS server
(we have a 2003 server license), serving out Group Policies to these XP
machines, but still use the Netware eDir to authenticate our users? (without
using the Zen client). Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.