Iīm using NW 6.5 SP2 with latest patches to grant access for my external Mac
OS X clients to the server via ftp.

Everything works fine if I use Internet Explorer or third party FTP Clients.
But if Iīm using Safari or the OS X Finder I have problems in the way that I
can not see any files or folders.
If I use NW 5.1 with NWFTPD from NW 5.1 and connect via a third party FTP
Client to this NW 5.1 Server which redirects the user to the home directory
of the NW 6.5 Server also everything works fine.
If Iīm using the Safari browser or the finder I CAN SEE the folders but I
have problems to move files to the FTP Server because the show me that the
folder is read only (but it isnīt).

One more thing: If I connect the FTP Server the Clients try to switch to MAC
Bin(ary) Mode. But I get a error at the FTP Server that MAC Bin isnīt

So, I believe that the problem is that NWFTPD doesnīt support MAC Bin.
Because NWFTPD doesnīt support MAC Bin so there are major problems
connecting and using Netware FTP Services from Mac OS X expecting using a
third party FTP-Client which isnīt a option for me.

Can you confirm this?

Thank you