I am attempting to install NFAP on a Netware 5.1 server and the server
gives an error. I ran through the prerequisites for the server and all were
ticked off.

Service Pack Min 4 -> Actual 7
Edir min 8.5.12a -> Actual 8.7.3
NSS5q -> No NSS Volumes
NMAS 2.0 min -> NMAS 2.1
Bordermanager 3.5 exists in tree but LPO exists
Bordermanager Server has local replica

The Error message returned is :

Error: "Driver Fatal: (class:
com/novell/application/install/nativefs/NativeFSLoginMethods, method:
addServerAsTrusteeToLoginMethod signature:
Incompatible object"

According to article TID10073336 this is due to it being installed on a
server with SP4 ( the server actually has SP7 on) and it should be
installed with SP3 even though the prerequistite is SP4. All very confusing !

Additionally I have tested this on a different server with 5.1 SP7 from the
same media and all went fine.

As this is the only reference in the Technical areticles to this problem I
a hoping that someone can shine some light on the matter.