Hi everyone,

Server : Novell 6.0 SP5
Authenticating to a Win2K3 Domain.

I wish someone has an answer for this one, when i start the CIFS service
with CIFSSTRT i can authenticate and access my files but after some times
the server just ask for a username/password and won't accept anything. I
have to stop the service and start it again and it keeps working for a few

I use a Win2K3 server for domain authentication and i have all my users in
both the NDS and AD.

I get :

LSM 0x0000000D failed
ERROR -1642 Login Method
ERROR -1642 NMAS Manager.

I'll keep looking in the knowledge base and see if i can come up with
something, i just don't understand why (yet) it's working for a few minutes.

Thanks everyone for your help.