I'm going through the Netware 6.5 Native File Access Protocols Guide and
reading the section on setting up a Guest account for use by MAC users. This
account doesn't require the user to enter a password.

Now, the password for this account is nothing. Doesn't this create a bit of
a security hole. Because if you create it for a user so they can have
passwordless access from a MAC, doesn't it also mean a user can login as
guest without a password from a Windows machine as well?

Also, wouldn't this also give a user "out there" the ability to access web
features such as iPrint or iFolder?

Lastly, imagine I have two Macs, and I want the one over in the DTP
department to see the DTP volume on the server, but the one in the
accounting department to only see the ACCT volume. According to the
aforementioned guide, I can't see a way to create a GUEST account that could
be used by each mac and not allow the logged in user to see files that
should be blocked.
Does the GUEST option have to use the username GUEST. Could I use something