our enviroment
Netware 6.5 SP2 (plus post patches) sp3 will be applied after some tests,
and yes i know the problem with sp2 and the 31 charcter bug(limit)
Nss volumes
Windows clients 4.9sp2
mac clients Os 9.2 mounting via afp.

We had soime wiered problems with the filenames the mac clients can handle
but windows don't (for example /* etc) is there anyway i prevent the mac
clients putting files with such charcters in the filename onto the the
netware volumes ?

And lately i had a problem, where the mac client had put files onto the
server with a code page that the server could not handle, the only way i
was able to delete that files was to use the fixnames.nlm

Anyway it would be great to here some options (i hopefully have) to prevent
such errors.

Best regards
Ufuk Altinkaynak