Okay I got dumb a$$ question.

I have setup AFP/CIFS and all seems to be working but what I want to know is
if you want to have a clientless environment ie: No client32 how do you get
a login script to run?

What I want to do is remove client 32 and run Zen agents on the desktop. I
want zen's DLU to run to create a local volatile account so that cached
credentials can be used to access the shares. Universal password is also
setup so that simple passwords are not required.

The way NFA is setup is "LOCAL" as we do not run AD in the organisation
hence why I cannot run a windows side login script.

So in a nut shell

- Be able to log into NetWare and run a login script without the need of
client 32

Any ides or places of interest

PS: I remeber once seeing a demo that allowed you to log into netware via