We currently have our Apple Mac computers connecting to our Netware 6.0 network, using LDAP for authentication and using NFAP for Mac file access.

We have recently discovered this problem, we have our users set to 200Mb disk space via directory and volume quotas - this works fine with both PC access and MAC OS9 access but OSX gives no warnings / errors that the user has run out of space (or insufficient space to save files). We have had several users corrupt files, by saving a 100Mb file when they only have 2Mb free, the result is a 2Mb file being saved and both OSX the application and the student think the file has been saved successfully.

We are currently running Netware 6 SP3 (Due to update during the summer to latest SP or 6.5 with latest SP), AFPTCP.NLM (1.01.18 24 Feb03), NSS3.03:728. All user areas are on NSS volumes.