We currently have a NetWare 6.5 SP2 server with CIFS using domain
authentication against an NT4 domain. We have WINS, PDC name, and PDC IP
address all filled in. This solution works fine. We are trying to change
to our Win2003 domain. When I change the domain name, PDC name, and PDC IP
address to the Win2003 domain controller, CIFS seems to hang when I try and
connect from a Windows XP machine. The Windows XP machine just sits there
spinning its wheels. So I go to the server and do a CIFSSTOP which will
hang the entire server and cause me to manually power cycle the server.

Any help and suggestions are welcome.

A side question - for the Win2003 domain name, can we use either the NetBIOS
name (ACES) or the DNS name (aces.domain.tld) as the domain name?