I've been asked to enable nfap/cifs on a remote server but am having
problems configuring the server object.
In my Console1 when I configure cifs and the share Console1 ignores the
changes and just sits there when I hit apply or ok. I phoned a guy local to
the server, got him to run C1 and when he tried it, after a long pause he
got the error:

"com.novell.admin.ns.namespaceexception: invalid_attribute"

If I try the config in iManager File Protocols\CIFS-AFP and configure CIFS
it ignores the changes and represents a blank screen. If try the
Authentication config page (to add the contexts) I get the error:

"error: could not get CIFS properties on servername.blah.blah.uk."

What is this issue? We have CIFS working on another server in the same tree?
Could I fix this by reinstalling the NFAP.SCH schema file?

I note that NFAP doesn't appear on the NW6.5 products cd. If it comes down
to a reinstall, how can I reinstall the base OS without wiping the entire
server config?


Steve Law