I had configued NFAP, cifs, on a NW 6.5 sp2 server for my non Novell
Client Workstations to access a Netware Volume. All worked well until I
attempted to configure and install the Free Password Self Service module.
I think my Login sequences may be messed up in the Security container
Login Policy Object however I don't remember what they should have been.
I think it was set at Windows Native File Access AND Password with NDS as
a Selected Method. However this does not want to stick when I select
Apply. It reverts to Macintosh Native File Access and adds all available
seguences to the selected frame. Help! If these Users attempt to access
their drives mapped via NFAP they are locked out. The server console
displays NMAS.NLM Intruder Detection Locked User Account. Any ideas? I
am up a creek!! Thank you!