We're using CIFS on NW6.5SP2 with post-SP2 NSS2a patch.

I'm testing various methods of connecting to the Netware server from a Win2K
server using batch files, but have noticed that it is very difficult to
disconnect/logout from a cifs connection. Whatever I do, including deleting
the connection from Monitor on the console, Remote Manager and using CM KILL
123 the CIFS CONNECTIONS command still shows the user as being connected,
and I can remap the drive from the Windows server without an id and password
being supplied (even after I right-clicked on the previous mapped drive and

Sometimes if I leave it for twenty minutes or so I can still map a drive to
the NFAP server without supplying id and password and it maps ok but gives
me "access denied" when I try to dir the drive. But I still get the
connection listed in CIFS CONNECTIONS.

Just what does a CNE have to do to kill this connection?


Steve Law