Hi all,

My server side is Netware 5.1 sp8 with NFAPsp5 applied.

My clients are mac OS X (10.3.8).

My clients use AFP to connect to the server (GO --> Connect to Server).

When one user deletes a document from a volume (The volumes are NSS with
no compression, etc.) another user sees it still in the listing which
leads me to believe that it is a directory refresh issue.

However, in another site. I have the exact same setup: Hardware, OS
revisions, software revisions, etc. Except for in the second site I am
running traditional and not NSS volumes. In this second site I am not
seeing this issue.

If I remove the desktop.afp file and this problem still exists what can
I do? Or at this point can I start to point fingers @ NSS?


Jay Calderwood
Systems Administrator
Review Publishing
Philadelphia, PA