We've used CIFS in domain mode succesfully for a couple of years, but now
have to setup cifs on another server for users who, due to firewall
restrictions, cannot access the windows domain pdc. Therefore I'm trying a
local-mode CIFS setup with simple password.

To configure the server object I have to enter a Workgroup rather than a
domain, but I have no idea what the Workgroup is, or if there is one. AFAIK
workgroups are what you used to have in small offices so you could map to
each others c: drives.

The documentation says "workgroup and domain can be used interchangeably".
So I could just put the domain name in. But if the local/simple password
setup doesn't refer to a pdc at all and just uses the Novell account's
simple password for authentication, why is a 'Workgroup' entry required at


Steve Law