Hello everyone,

Either I'm missing something incredibly obvious and having a really bad
day, or something is wrong in either the documentation for nsscpt.nlm or
the module itself.
According to the documentation that came with SP3
(nw65sp3\TOOLS\NSSTOOLS\MACNSSCPT.HTM), to support Macintosh Extended Name
Space you need to run the nsscpt.nlm to identify and correct any possible
name space issues with certain files. The first command that it has you
run is:
nsscpt path -mac -export

Where path is the volume and directory that you want to check against.

Unfortunately, when I run this command (ex: nsscpt vol1:\office\ -mac
-export), the nsscpt utility simple errors out, returing the following:
No operation selected

It then lists the command syntax and allowable switches (and neither -mac
or -export are on that list). I have tried many different variations on
the path , but to no avail.
Has anyone succesfully completed the steps in the documentation?