Hello everyone

I am currently having a problem using NFS to communicate between an OES
Linux server (Suse Enterprise Server) and an OES Netware Server (NW65 SP3).

I am using NFS to mount a share on the netware server to the linux server.
The share has exported in independent access mode and is accessible to the
linux box, however I am having problems with the file permisisons.

I can set the file permissions in Linux correctly, but then if a user
accesses the file using their windows workstation via the Netware server
that is hosting the volume with the share on it it breaks the Linux file

I.e. if I have a file set with a owner of root and group of root and Linux
permisison fo 660, if I access this file via netware then linux
permissions are lost/changed.

Is there any way I can prevent this behaviour so that access or changes on
the netware side do not effect the linux share?

Any help is much appeciated