I am attempting to install NFAP on a Netware 5.1 server and the server
gives an error. I ran through the prerequisites for the server and all were
ticked off.

Service Pack Min 4 -> Actual 7
Edir min 8.5.12a -> Actual 8.7.3
NSS5q -> No NSS Volumes
NMAS 2.0 min -> NMAS 2.1
Bordermanager 3.5 exists in tree but LPO exists
Bordermanager Server has local replica
Name Space Macintosh added to Data Volume

The Error message returned is :

Error: "Driver Fatal: (class:
com/novell/application/install/nativefs/NativeFSLoginMethods, method:
addServerAsTrusteeToLoginMethod signature:
Incompatible object"

According to article TID10073336 this is due to it being installed on a
server with SP4 ( the server actually has SP7 on) and it should be
installed with SP3 even though the prerequistite is SP4. All very confusing !

Additionally I have tested this on a different server with 5.1 SP7 from the
same media and all went fine.

Andrew Taubman sent me an updated version of the NFAP installation pack
with SP2 already rolled in but when trying to install this it fails again,
this time with the error "Unrecoverable error in driver.mainHallway()"

Anyone have any ideas ?