I have a client that sells a Linux based security device. They want to
connect to Novell servers and access the Novell File System.
If I do a fresh install of Novell 6.5, the NFS capability is installed by
default, works fine.

However, I've checked a NW 6.0 box (Small Biz Server) and the needed files
aren't there. I found files that I think will install on Novell 5.1 (TID
2962697, TID2970957) but nothing to add the capability to NW 6.

Can I copy files, NCF files, NLM Files (AFPTCP.NLM, CIFS.NLM,
FNSAdmin.NLM, NISServ.NLM, XNFS.NLM) and the EXPORT file to a v.6 server?
Would this work?
Given my client's clients concerns about security and integrity, even if
this worked a "real" install from Novell would be much better but I haven't
been able to traack that down.

Thanks for your help.

Max Tyler