Hey there, I have an OES netware box at home , it's just oes and the xnfs
patch. before I installed OES i was running the public beta. I have been
trying to work with LDAP auth and NFS directories with NLD as the client!
I had it all working even got my home directory redirected onto the NFS
share on my server.
Now after the rebuild with the release OES, I can't get access to the NFS
shares, they import and I can see subdirectories but i can't write anything
to the shares! as far as I can tell something in the new files for NFS has
"enhanced" the security on shares so that you must include a resolvable
IPaddress as a trustee. unfortunetly my dhcpsrvr on my wireless router
doesn;t seem to update my dns server. so that DHCP acquired addresses get a
resource record.
I would like it if there was some way to go back to using an "*" as a trustee
or if as the docs say using "@xxx.xxx.xxx" (meaning any client with an
address in a particular subent) would actually work.
I have loaded xnfs.nlm with all the switches -32bitcookie -nodnscheck and a
few others, nothing helps.
any ideas?