I recently moved a number of linux(SuSE 8.1) workstations from a solaris
nfs server to a netware 6.5sp2 file server. NFAU seemed to be working OK,
it wasn't as fast as the sun but quick enough. Now some users are
experienceing extremly slow machines(you can barley type in a shell) and
the only symptom I can see is that /usr/sbin/nfsstat reports a large number
of rpc retransmissions (above 5000) and these can increase over hours. The
server loading on the cpu never goes over 5% and the current disk request
usually sit at 1 or 2 although I have seen it peak at 16 for a fraction of
a second.

The only thing I can think of is to upgrade to 9.2 but I have heard some
bad things about it and would like to wait for 9.3.