We use passthrough delegation ("Connect As") in IIS 5 to use a CIFs share
on a netware cluster as the home directory for a virtual web.

When the cluster was running NW6, things worked great. The upgrade to 6.5
caused the Web site to no longer accept the credentials stored in the
preferences for the Web (the Browser prompts for credentials now).

I have verified that the credentials stored in IIS are correct (by manually
mounting the CIFs share as the stored user - manually mounting and browsing
works fine against the 6.5 cluster using both MS Windows and Samba). I have
also verified that the same IIS settings still work against Netware 6.0
CIFs shares.

For the same NW6.5 upgrade we had a problem with AFP home directory
mounting at logins. This was resolved by ensuring the case of the folder
names matched in the ldap attributes used to mount the home directories. I
have verified that the UNC saved for the Web matches the case of the
folders and volume.

Suggestions on what to troubleshoot next would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much

David Summers
University of Idaho ITS