As I typed below I got NFS sorted out on my server, and successfully
exported two volumes on it. I can mount them from my SUSE box just fine
(after finally figuring out the host file / domain name issues), but when I
go to my mount point to view the files, I get a permission denied error.

I'm logged in as root on the linux box. My exports file looks like this:
/web -root
/web2 -root

Supposedly wide open, yes? I am using mount points of /mnt/w and /mnt/w2 on
the SUSE box, and did the chmod 777 thing when I created them. I can do
anything I want in there when the exports aren't mounted, but get
permission denied when they are mounted.


We do not use DNS internally at all. To get the mounts to work I had to add
the IP and hostname of my SUSE box in the \etc\hosts file. Is there any way
to allow global access in 6.5 SP3, like I read about in TIDs covering
previous versions? From what I can see there is no more nfshosts file I can
put an asterisk in any more.