I have a few OSX workstations that need to use nfap. the simple password
stuff is a pain, as they don't synch or change w/ nds passwords, etc. also
have several 6.5 servers in the tree, so I thought I would investigate
deploying "universal password". The possible problem is that the servers
that the mac's use most are still at nw6.0, and I have otherwise, no
pressing need to upgrade them to 6.5. The novell documentation seems to
contradict itself on this question: If I deploy universal password, will the
macs still be able to log in to my nw6.0 servers and access their file

on one page, the docs say this:
"NOTE: If you have LDAP and CIFS (Windows Native Networking) and/or AFP
(Macintosh Native Networking) servers that you want to use Universal
Password, you must upgrade those servers to NetWare 6.5."

and on another, the following:
"Universal Password is designed to supply backwards compatibility to
existing services. By default, passwords changed with this service will
automatically be synchronized to the simple and NDS passwords on the User
object (unless you specify otherwise using the Password Management plug-in).
This way, NetWare 6 and 5.1 servers running Native File Access protocols for
Windows and Apple* native workstations will continue to have their passwords
function properly. Novell Client software prior to the Novell Client for
Windows NT/2000/XP version 4.9 or the Novell Client for Windows 95/98
version 3.4 will also have their passwords continue to function properly."

I would have guessed that its the eDir version that would matter, and since
the tree has had 6.5 installed, edir is up to 8.7.3...isn't that where the
6.0 servers are getting their info from? perhaps not....