I setup Mac OS X authentication via LDAP to edirectory on a test
server/tree. It worked great. I mounted the netware home directory via
NFS and on login Mac OS X used the Netware directory as the test users
home directory. It basically works without a hitch in my test tree.
I set it up the same way in my production tree. The authentication works
ok but even though I have a static NFS mount configured to survive a
reboot, it does not recognize the home directory. I get a message saying
the home directory is unavailable. In fact, in the finder it shows as
the user not having permission to access it despite the fact that the
uid is set for the user in LDAP and I have made the same user the owner
of the directory. I have it mounted to /students. I can see the home
directory but can't enter it. When I try to enter /students via
terminal, I get a message saying that I don't have permission to enter
/students. Doing an ls -l shows 755 permissions on /students.
The biggest difference between the test tree and the production tree is
that there are several sub ou's in nthe tree whereas the test tree only
has users at the organization container level.
I have been using the same NFS exports with Linux clients for some time
without a permissions issue. (They are authenticating to an NIS server.
I would love to move them to LDAP but NFS on NSS volumes don't support
hard links; a problem if using gnome or KDE).
Any thoughts as to why the home directory can't be accessed? It is
mounted in the correct path and appropriate permissions appear to be set
but OS X isn't buying all of it. Thankas.