I have three NW6.0 SP5 servers that cannot be upgraded. Each has at least
6 volumes, I can see all the volumes on server 2 and 3, but a single
volume on my 1st server is not visible under NFAP connections, although
all other drives can be accessed. I am able to get to this drive with OS
9 and MAC IPX client (which I am trying to shelve, going pure IP), OS X
and the Prosoft client (trying harder to shelve that) and Client32 on
Windows attached PCs. The only combination I cannot see this drive in is
AFP native access (Mac OS 9 or OS X). I cannot manually specify it, I can
only link to the server and see what it serves.

There does not seem to be any file system damage or NDS issues as checked
with standard tools, so I am wondering if any one has suggestions for this