Hi Thogeter

First pelase excuse my bad english (I am a swiss guy)

I hafe some problems with cifs in my company.
We hafe some Citrix terminal server.
I wannt save the domain users roming profile on a cifs share on a netware
6.5 Cluster voliume. I use Domain authentication. And the users hafe full
rigts on the netware server inklude "Supervisor" (only for Test).

When the user is sign in on the Citrix terminal server. he can map the
directory witout any problems.

when i chnage the Romingprovile path in the user Object on the
Activedirectory. and then try to log in with the user I recive the erromesage
"User Environment

Your romanig is not available. You are logged on with the locally profile.
Changes to the provile will not be copied tho the server. Possiblecauses of
this error include network problems or insufficient security right

did anybody knows some fix or workaround ?

Kind Regards