Okay I am at a loss here. I have searched high and low and only found one TID (10073001) that references this error and I have (as far as I can tell) all the parts in place needed for NFAP (CIFS) to work.

I am running:
Netware 6 SP 5
ConsoleOne 1.3.6d
NMAS 2.3.4
PKIS 2.7.3
NICI 2.6.4
eDir 87.3.0 (or 8.7.3 how ever you want to read it as)

I have verified that I have a LPO and the lsmcifs and Simple Password attributes under the SAS Login Methods.

Interestingly enough I can add or change a simple password to an existing user, but when I go to add a simple password to a new user I get this error:

"Error saving the simple password for USER.OU.OU.O to the directory. The returned error code is -1,602"

In Remote Manager when I try to set the password I get this error:

"Http Error Code 412
Unable to set password for .User.OU.OU.O
NMAS error = -610"

Anyone have any ideas?

Michael Douglas