i have performance problems with nfs file copy from redhat enterprise 3 or 4
on a gigabit network.

mount my netware volume from redhat with following parameter:

mount /TEST -o
hard,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,async,users,nfsvers=3 ,tcp,nolock

the write performance to mount point "/TEST" is good with 60 Megabytes/sec,
but my read performance are bad ~ 10 Megabytes / sec !

read/write performance from a workstation to the netware server is ok (40
MB/s / 40 MB/s).

NFS performance between two linux redhat server is ok. (40 MB/s / 40 MB/s )

NFS erformance from linux red hat to another netware server is also bad.

CIFS performance read = 12 MB/sec and write = 12 MB /sec

Mount with UDP --> same problem

Mount with sync --> read/write performance is 10/10

Mount with NFS Ver 2 --> same problem.

play with rsize/wsize --> no better read performance

server hardware:

Poweredge 2850 (Dual XEON 4 / 2.8 GHz)
Gigabit Intel Network card
Perd 4/DC (RAID 10)

Thanks for help,

Markus Herres