Just migrated NW5.1sp7 to NW6.5sp3 and am using AFPTCP for the first time. I
have not setup UP for all my users. I have just wanted to make sure I didn't
do something before I knew what I was doing. I have been testing it on a few
users trying to login to some OS 9 machines.

If I use "afptcp cleartext" at the server console, I can get my OS 9 clients
to connect, but not if I just use "afptcp". Even after I have sucessfully
logged in with an account while "afptcp cleartext" is set, once afptcp is
unloaded and reloaded without the cleartext option, I am not able to login.
Any ideas?

Documentation suggests that you can use "afptcp cleartext" temporarily to
set the simple password. It is my understanding that a password policy can
be used to sync the simple password with UP, correct?

Assuming I am able to eventually remove the cleartext portion of the afptcp
command, how are new accounts dealt with? Do new accounts sync all (NDS,
simple, universal)passwords?

Are NMAS login methods part of this at all? I have seen very little
direction on this, so I'm assuming that leaving the default of NDS for my
default login sequence is correct.