Not sure exactly where to post this - please point me to a more relevant
area if you know where....

We are planning a major upgrade which will include:-

Netware 6.5
Zen for Desktops

We have a wired network of some 180 PC's presently using NW 4.11 IPX
including some wireless laptop clients and wireless bridges to some
small workstation clusters. We also have some wireless PDA users that
can (presently) only access the internet, use web and/or POP3 for mail
(to a VMS system) and can only access the file server(s) via FTP.

In the new incarnation, there will be 3 servers, one of which will be
running Groupwise in addition to file access etc.
We will be running both IPX and IP protocols for the present and will
gradually migrate from queues to NDPS when I figure out how it works ;^)
at which time IPX will become redundant and probably disappear.

Desktops and Laptops via wired or wireless are no problem, but
we need to be able to access all the same server files from desktops and
wired or wireless laptops and wireless (802.11g) PDAs including
using groupwise to do mail/contact/calendar etc syncing to/from the
PDA's both with and *without* cradling.
The concept requires them to be able to maintain sync during the day
while 'on the move' all over the school campuses. We will have total
802.11g coverage to enable this, there will still be a few 'cradle only'
users but that will be limited to PDA Connect.

There are not now and never will be any 'Windows Servers'in the mix.
We are not interested in running the Outlook/Exchange combination.

We don't have any linux boxes either and probably don't want any just
yet. If we desperately needed to run an MS specific app we'd use an XP
box but have managed to avoid that thus far.

Someone like to give an idea of the best way to go about it?

I gather NFA for the PDA's (when are they going to make a PDA Netware
Client??) but not sure about tying in to groupwise/syncing etc. It's
absolutely necessary that this be possible without using the cradles for
PDAs with wireless lan capability.


Geoff Roberts
IT Support
St Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia