I have netware 6.5sp2 on my servers: I have done the following:
1. Loaded aftcp on all servers my mac user needs to get to
2. Created simple password for my mac user.
3. Configured the ctxs.cfg file on each of 3 servers with the user's context.

Only on one of my servers, the mac user is able to see the volumes in the finder window, but on the other two servers, he is able to get as far as choosing the server but then sees no volumes available in the finder window. When I go to the afptcp.log file I get this on both servers:

Thu Jun 9 13:50:45 2005
: Thread ID = 383, InitAuthentication: RegOpenKeyEx 'Appliance' failed 1073741838 <4000000e>
Thu Jun 9 13:50:48 2005
: Thread ID = 383, Using Mac Code Page <Roman>

Thank you