We have some applications running on Lotus Notes (Windows 2000) servers
that access some NetWare 5.1 servers using Microsoft's GSNW. We are
upgrading the Notes servers to Windows 2003 and getting rid of the NW 5.1
servers. Any volumes that were on NW 5.1 are being migrated to a NW 6.5

This creates some challenges. (1) Windows 2003 does not support GSNW. (2)
Even if it did, GSNW is an IPX based product. Our NW 6.5 cluster volumes
are IP only.

We are trying to provide the necessary link from the Win 2003 Notes
servers to the NW 6.5 cluster using CIFS. Our Notes guys tell me they can
get to the cluster volume via the Windows GUI or NET USE without a
problem. However, the Notes applications use ODBC. They say they cannot
establish an ODBC connection as they could before using GSNW.

Any ideas on this? Thanks!