I saw a few other posts about this but it wasn't entirely clear......we have
a 5 node 6.5 cluster running NFAP for Mac, we have the afpvol.cfg configured
to rename, each server has an entry like

server1.public "public"

and so on for each clustered pool. Everything works fine for volumes that
are mounted when afpstrt is loaded, but migrated volumes do not work
properly. From the other messages it looks like I should use the
RenameFromNWVolName (i'm assuming this will work with cleartext) paramater
with afptcp.nlm, not exactly sure what that's for.... then in addition I am
supposed to put entries for all nodes into each servers afpvol.cfg

ie server would have

server1.public "public"
server2.public "public"
server3.public "public"
server4.public "public"'
server5.public "public"

Then someone else suggested referencing the cluster object in afpvol.cfg and
I did not understand that at all. Any one reall understand all this?