Hi all,

I've been running NFAP for several years and I have a fair understanding of the components and they work together.
However, I haven't really used it for production until this past week. We're transitioning to all AD (orders of the
non-technical bosses) and want to use a CIFS connection to our NetWare server until all the workstations have been moved
over and we can move files all at once. A typo in my CIFSTXS.CFG file caused some interesting problems, but now
everyone can log in.


It appears that the CIFS connection is dropping periodically and MS is going into "offline" mode. The drop must be very
short because Internet and port 27 traffic seems to stay connected just fine. However, "offline" mode is a pain because
all the default drives for various applications get reset and the users are not sure what is going on. In other words,
this is an inconvenience problem that needs to get resolved.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Are there parameters on the NetWare server that need to be changed? At the MS
workstation? I'm guessing that it is a timeout problem. Any ideas? Any solutions?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Craig Wickstrom